Week1/Day5: Tea War

Every morning hubby dear makes his masala chai (Indian Spice tea) and I make my green tea. As we take first sip of our tea’s, we try to convince each other saying…
Hubby says : “Oh Dear, you should try my tea today it is the best in town……”
Then I say: “Oh is it Honey, but you should try mine it is the best in the world…..”
and the tea war goes on till we finish it 🙂

~ Week 1: Random

Desi Chai Vs Green Tea


10 thoughts on “Week1/Day5: Tea War

  1. I love project 365 for this very reason. Capturing those every day moments that we all take for granted, the ones we only miss when they are gone, like a cup of tea with our honey in the morning, or hide and seek with your toddler. This project reminds us to live in the now, to appreciate those things and to maybe linger on them a few more moments.

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