Week2/Day8: Learning Time

Its been couple of months I have got my new DSLR but didnt get a chance to explore much with my new camera. So decided to go for a DSLR 101 class a day at CPA Chicago . Learnt lot of things and did some experiments and this is one of them….

About this experiment: I was trying to capture a picture with minimum shutter speed, keeping the zoom length at 50 mm and focusing on a single object. This picture was a RAW format before, then I converted into JPEG file format using picasa tool.

~ Week 2: Random


4 thoughts on “Week2/Day8: Learning Time

    • The experiment is about shutter speed and zoom length. I was trying to use the less shutter speed using the same length….after so many shots I got the perfect one.

  1. Hey Congrats on your new camera and nice experiment. Whats the new one?? We are sailing on the same boat…my new ones is gonna be a week old (but I am sure I will write a similar post like this after few weeks…with my toddler its becoming very difficult to open and explore). BTW is yours a paid course???

    • Thanks Anuradha, I got Nikon D3100 and I did paid for that course. The more you take the pictures the more you will learn. Thats what I am doing. Good Luck with your experiments!!!

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