Week34/Day233: Busy Bee…..

Coldstone Icecreams – Which one to Pick….Totally Confused

I have been so busy with work from past couple of days and didn’t get much time to spend with ‘R’. It was 10:00 PM when I finished all my chores in the kitchen and ‘R’ said do you know what… I have a surprise for you, Can you plz come with me with closed eyes and just sit in the car. I was so tired and didn’t feel like asking questions why?…where? I just sat in the car. Trust me I did closed my eyes, basically I was sleeping and snoringggg….:)
When I opened my eyes, I saw all these ice cream flavors in front of me….I was like a small girl who couldn’t decide which flavor she wanted. It took me almost 10 min to decide what I wanted and I selected Watermelon Sorbet and ‘R’ selected banana ice cream.
It was really good surprise and I enjoyed every bit of that moment and off-course the ice cream!!!

~ Week 34: Random


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